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Oakland Raiders Contact Agent Robert London About GM Position

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The Oakland Raiders have reportedly contacted sports agent Robert London about their vacant GM position. At first glance, I am vehemently opposed to this move. Being an agent certainly does not prepare one to be a GM. However, I am open to it if the guy has a good track record of talent evaluation. 

The report comes from who became aware of this via a source close to the situation. They have interviewed London in the past, which would lead me to believe that their source is someone connected to London.

Of course, this does not mean it is true. This information could have been leaked to raise the profile of London and his firm. Either way, it is worth looking at London's qualifications. Jump over for more....

The Xlog seems to think he has a good eye for talent.

Apparently the Oakland Raiders have realized two things about Mr. London; his competency as a talent evaluator as he’s handpicked successful to-be NFL players as clients, and also his understanding in harmony, structure and organization within the composition of a football team.

The assessment of his understanding of harmony seems to be largely based on his handling of one of his clients, Matt Forte. Forte wanted a contract extension from the Bears this offseason. He didn't get one. Instead of holding out London advised Forte to go out and play.

London felt that Forte's best chance to get his desired contract was to go out and produce while proving he would not be a distraction to any team.

Anyway, take this news for what it is worth, and that is nothing but speculation. This is likely to be a lengthy process that involves the Raiders contacting plenty of candidates.