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Oakland Raiders Record Prediction

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It is hard not to look at the Raiders remaining schedule and get playoff eyes. The start to this season was brutal schedule wise. When the Bills decided not to suck this opening set of games became much more daunting.

The fact that the Raiders came out of 3-2 leaves them in a great position. Jump over for a schedule breakdown....

The Raiders have a tough stretch to finish the season, but the next seven opponents are a combined 12-21. Only one of their opponents is over .500.

Here are their next seven opponents. Take a look at their next seven opponents: Browns (2-2), Chiefs (2-3), Broncos (1-4), at Chargers (4-1), at Vikings (1-4), Bears (2-3), at Dolphins (0-4).

The final four find the Raiders with games at Packers (5-0), Lions (5-0), at Chiefs (2-3), Chargers (4-1).

What do you guys think? At this point, it will be disappointment if they don't get to nine wins, and 10 is a completely reasonable, and expected outcome, at this point.

I meant to do this poll at the quarter mark of the season. Oh well, it is more fun doing this after the huge victory over the Texans.

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