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If Raiders' Offensive Line Stops a Good Browns' Pass Rush Easy Victory Will Ensue

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The Raiders offensive line needs to rebound from a poor performance if they want to slow down a fierce Cleveland Browns' pass rush. The Raiders' offensive line had been amazing up until the Texans game. The Texans abused them. Campbell ended up being sacked three times and was pressured many more.

The Browns 11 sacks is not as impressive as their sack percentage. Teams haven't thrown much against the Browns. They have faced the third fewest pass attempts per game in the NFL. They are actually ranked one spot higher, at No. 4, in sack percentage than the Texans. Jump over for more....

The Browns tallied four sacks against Cincinnati, two sacks against Indianapolis, five sacks against Miami and then they were shutout against a good pass protecting Titans team.

This is going to be a good matchup in the trenches, and if the Browns have any hope of slowing the Raiders' offense they will need to destroy the Raiders' O-line in pass protection.

The Raiders, however, are in a position to render this moot. If they can consistently get solid yards on the run, like I think they will, then they will be able to keep the defense on their heels. They will be able to feast on play actions.

Also, in passing situations where the Browns can pin their ears backs and rush the passers, the Raiders can go to their trusted friend the screen pass. And they should do this whenever possible the Browns are ranked 32nd by Football Outsiders at guarding running backs in the passing game.

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