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Raiders' Aaron Curry Will Start Against Browns

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New Raider Aaron Curry must be a quick learner and make a fabulous first impression. With just one practice under his belt Curry will assume starting weakside linebacker duties. Actually, I think we all know this has more to do with Quentin Groves sucking than anything Curry could have done in practice.

Having a player start after just one practice is obviously a huge liability. Extra time will have to be spent for Curry to know his assignment on a given play, and he is going to have no feel for his teammates and his teammates no feel for him.

The thing is though, weakside linebacker was already a huge liability. Curry is going to be a disaster in coverage this game, and probably every game, but the Raiders will be used to that.



I am anxious to see how Curry handle this. One of the big knocks on Curry is that he has been playing the game too much in his head, which has led him to be lost on the field.

Obvioulsy, given his task of having to learn a new playbook overnight Curry could think himself into paralyzation. On the other hand, this provides Curry a chance to say "to hell with it" and just go out and play football.

Quick draw Sons of Blanda beat me to this by two minutes. Scroll down to read about SOB doing the happy dance over this move.