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Oakland Raiders Biggest Opponent in This Game is Team Letdown

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If the Raiders lose to the Browns than the win in Houston means nothing in the context of this season. That is just the nature of the NFL. Every game is important, and you cannot afford to lose games that you should win.

The Raiders cannot allow themselves to look past this game. They cannot expect that they can simply show up and that will be enough to lead them to victory.

Playing unprepared and overconfident is something that has plagued this team for years. And this game is ripe for that exact thing to happen here. There is plenty of room for their to be an emotional letdown.

Last week was a high. Every player was giving their all. They were fighting for their owner and they were underdogs.

This week they are big favorites, and the immediate emotional impact of the loss of Al Davis' has faded to the past. They cannot let themselves suffer a letdown, or feel that they accomplished anything from last week. They have to prove themselves again. They have to focus every quarter, every series, every snap and every instant on playing Raider football.

This is what separates the playoff teams from the teams with potential. This is the next hurdle for the Raiders, and one I don't want to see them jump over, but to bully their way right through.