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Raiders Contact Bengals About Carson Palmer For a Trade That Will Never Happen

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The Raiders aren't going to pry Carson Palmer away from the Bengals. Bengals owner Mike Brown is taking way too much pleasure out of forcing a player to the sideline that tried to make a power play on him.

The Bengals have little to gain by trading Palmer now as opposed to waiting for the offseason. Any trade for Palmer is likely to be for draft picks, and while the Raiders position means the Bengals could currently get above market value for Palmer, that would be equaled out by the fact that the trade would strengthen a team with an identical record to them and are competing for a playoff spot with.

There is simply no way Mike Brown okays this trade. He will sit contently and joyously smug in the knowledge that he is sticking it to Palmer. They will likely then trade Palmer in the offseason just prior to the draft, or just after the draft.

Source: Yahoo Sports!

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