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Raiders' Darrius Heyward-Bey is Better Than Michael Crabtree

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There is no particular reason to post this, other than the fact I resent Michael Crabtree for laughing when the Raiders selected Darrius Heyward-Bey over him. Well, that and the fact that the selection was widely panned. I'll admit that I was not a fan of the selection of the time. That is not because I ever wanted the prima dona Crabtree, but because the Raiders reached for DHB.

Behold the numbers:

Player Catches Yards TDs
DHB 22 345 1
Crabtree 20 209 0


DHB has turned into a solid and explosive receiver. His work ethic and attitude mean that the improvements in his game are not likely to stop for years to come. These are not words that are ever associated with Michael Crabtree.

There is no' way that I would trade the -'d one for Crabtree right now, and I don't think anyone else in the NFL would either.