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Raiders' Jacoby Ford Kick Return Video: Watch Ford Sprint Into Record Books

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Jacoby Ford is turning into a kick return legend. He is the Raiders all-time leader in kick return touchdowns. Also, and I can't find this stat, I would bet that Ford has returned four kicks for TD with the least amount of returns in NFL history.

Ford hasn't even been the Raiders' return man for a season's worth of games yet. As Rated-R tells us it took Ford just 60 returns to accomplish this feat. That is almost a 7 percent TD percentage. That has to be an all-time best for anyone with at least four returns.

And check this out, Rock Cartwright called it. I take this quote from Ford on an article by CSN's Paul Gutierrez:

"Yeah, special teams had a good week of preparation this week and I also got to say that Rock Cartwright actually called that. He actually said it in practice, as soon as we got done running that exact return, he said, 'You're due to break one this week.'"

That is a fairly miraculous prediction by Rock. I guess that is why the dude is the special teams captain.


(via APVideoBreakdown)

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