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Eternal Flame is a Wonderful Memorial of Al Davis

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I wish I could have been at the stadium for this game. I should have done more to get there. Moments like this are unforgettable memories that permeate throughout a life. It looks and sounds as if the Raiders did a spectacular job of honoring the man that turned this team into the franchise we love.

If you were at the game, please fill up the comments with your thoughts on the experience.

Former players turned out in droves to honor their former leader and boss. Paul Gutierrez compiled a list of many of the players who were on hand.

A sampling, then, of the players recognized at halftime: Jim Otto, Rod Sherman, George Atkinson, Jeff Barnes, Morris Bradshaw, Cliff Branch, Willie Brown, Sean Jones, Jerry Robinson, Raymond Chester, Clem Daniels, Anthony Dorsett, Kern Herock, Napoleon Kaufman, Henry Lawrence, Ted Hendricks, Rod Martin, Bob Moore, Jim Plunkett, Bill Romanowski, Mervyn Fernandez, Dave Casper, Robert Jenkins, Vance Mueller, Greg Townsend, Howie Williams, Phil Littleston, Art Thoms, Tom Flores. Rich Gannon, Steve Wisniewski, Greg Biekert, Ricky Hundley and Rod Woodson were named, though game duties precluded them from being on the field.