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Vote for Oakland Raiders' Game Ball of the Week

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The Raiders' defense led them to a solid victory over the Browns. Any talk of game balls has to start there. The problem is that there really wasn't anyone stand out. This was a team effort. That is great news for the team, but bad news for our discussion here.

The defensive line was their usual spectacular self. But they have raised the bar so high that it takes something spectacular for them to stand out. Des Bryant could make a decent case as he was very solid again in just his second game as a defensive end.

Matt Giordano was a beast on DB blitzes. He made his impact immediately felt with a sack on Colt McCoy on the Browns' first possession. He also likely sent McCoy to the chiropractor this week when he drilled him in the back and forced an errant pass.

Rolando McClain had a solid game, and he was playing on a gimpy ankle. He was solid in run support and applied pressure on McCoy on several occasions and tipped a pass that was almost picked off. He almost had a pick himself, but he and Huff converged on the ball at the same time and neither came up with it.

Onto the offense; after the jump....

Darren McFadden was his usual outstanding self, but give the offense lack to sustain momentum he ended with 20 carries for 91 yards and one touchdown.

Darrius Heyward-Bey had his third straight good game. He ended with six catches for 82 yards.

Jacoby Ford certainly made his presence felt with his fourth kickoff return. He also had three catches for 43 yards.

Shane Lechler was amazing kicking the ball. He averaged 48.5 yards on four kicks and two of those were stopped inside the 20. What puts him on this list though, is his 35-yard TD pass on the fake punt.

And for me, all of this list if for naught because there is only one person I am giving this game ball to. I meant to do this last week, but I missed this post. So consider this a two week game ball for Al Davis.

Thank you, Al!