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Oakland Raiders' Power Play of the Week

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Power play of the week? I like the sounds of this. We have a new sponsored weekly post. And this one allows us to discuss the Raiders' power play of the week. This was defined as such:

"The basic premise is pick one play in the game that was powerful, or had a powerful effect on the outcome."

A few plays came to mind. Jump over for those plays....

Giordano's sack on the Browns first possession is a good candidate. A successful blitz is always a power play and this one set the tone for the game.

But I am going to leave that one behind in favor of a play that didn't display much power, but it sealed the Raiders win. And it was just super awesome. That is this play:


This play was successful for a couple of reasons. The first is that when Sebastian Janikowski hauls his mutant leg onto the field the opposing special teams has the singular focus of blocking the kick as their only attempt at stopping three points from being added to the tally.

The second is Boss' slight hesitation on the line. It was just for a split second, but it was important that he didn't tip off the defenders before they fully committed to rushing in.

The third is all Lechler. Lechler had to field the snap and rise quickly and make an accurate throw. While there is nothing spectacular about any of this, it is worth mentioning that it is not normal to throw while rising from your knees.

It has also been a long time since Lechler has thrown a pass in a game. It would have been really easy for him to rush this and botch a wide open throw. He didn't rush it all. He calmly stood and efficiently threw an amazingly catchable ball to Boss. Great success!