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My Take On The Oakland Raiders Landing Carson Palmer:

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When I first heard the rumblings, I got excited...Really excited. Then I heard the cost, a first rounder in 2012, okay, that made some sense, but, the conditional pick in 2013 started to make it seem like a lopsided trade from a pure value standpoint.

Now, it's time to weigh all of the angles:

1) Jason Campbell thinks that he can be back in week 13 or 15. That would have left 5-7 starts for Boller until then. If this team wants to win this year, then they needed an upgrade.

2) Signing David Garrard would have been an easy task. He was a replacement level player for Campbell and would not have commanded a King's ransom. Unfortunately, his back needs surgery and he was crossed off the list.

3) Apparently there was some interest in acquiring Vince Young from the Eagles. That seems like it would have cost a bit less, but, I don't think Vince Young would have been the answer.

4) Carson Palmer has been a very average quarterback for the past three seasons, but, had his two best seasons, 2005-06 while Hue Jackson was in Cincy as the receivers coach and apparently they worked together while Palmer was at USC. This bond could prove to be the foundation for Palmer to step back into the form that had him on the steps of greatness. It seems to be a theme with Hue that quarterbacks play well when he is on the roster.

5) Palmer is due 11.5 million for this season and next. His salary then balloons to 14 and 15 million over the last two seasons.His contract will be restructured to fit him in.

6) If Carson comes out slinging, then the upside to this offense with Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, Kevin Boss, DHB, Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore will be as high as the sky. If he comes out slow and inaccurate then this will not be a good move for this or any other season.

7) With Campbell out at the moment and Boller the only real option the Raiders did become better today, just how much better depends on what kind of mental and physical shape Carson is in.

More to come on this