Carson Palmer Trade: Steep Price, But it is a Win Now Move

Carson Palmer is exactly the type of quarterback Al would have embraced. I am sickened by what the compensation for him is, I can't pretend I'm not, but if you take that out of the equation I am thrilled. I am not worried about Palmer performing. He is going to be so thrilled to be out of Cincy that I believe he will play great. Only time will tell, but this is a serious upgrade to our team.

Our receivers must be ecstatic with this move. I have trouble believing anybody really had faith in Kyle Boller and this trade certainly solidifies that Hue did not have faith in him. I feel bad for Jason Campbell, he finally had a real home and now he has got to be looking for his next home. He will not be resigning with us next year to be a back up, he is a starter in this league and shouldn't take a back seat when he can still drive. If Carson plays like he can than he is without a doubt better than Campbell. Sorry, I love Campbell but he has never been as good as Palmer in his prime. I know, this isn't the in his prime qb he once was. However, he is not too old to play like that again. Kurt Warner went to Arizona at an older age and played elite, so why not Carson too. Jump over for more....

I am not going to lie and say I wanted him all along. I didn't. The only players worth this type of compensation are players that would never be traded. However, we have to try and eliminate the compensation thought from our mind. Does it suck that we mortgaged almost our entire draft class next year, yes. Is there anything we can do about it now? No. We have a very young team with elite talent that each have almost a decade of play in front of them. Its not like our team isn't set up to succeed in the future already. We have some holes that are going to have to be filled but we have a quality young team that can handle giving up these draft picks for a player that performs. At 31, 32 in December,Carson is not too old to be a force. People play longer and longer now with the safety precautions the league has instilled. 31 is the new 28 for quarterbacks, Favre just played until he was 41 and there were still people quietly wondering if he would play for us.

Hue has always said that we want to win the Superbowl. Not in a few years, this year. This is definitely a win now move. We have a great receiving core that's biggest attribute is speed. We now have a qb that can actually throw deep. As much as I love Campbell, nobody can deny he throws one of the ugliest deep balls in the league. I believe we can win with short passes, but we dominate if we get long passes. We now have the best running team in the league with a qb that you have to respect his arm strength. This is going to open up running lanes and our offense to a whole new level. We want to win now and I'm happy with that thought process. I am already starting to pretend the draft picks don't bother me, if Carson plays well enough maybe some miracle will happen and I will start to believe it.