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Carson Palmer Trade: I'm Ecstatic and I'll Worry About Tomorrow Tomorrow

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I love this trade. I love it more every second that goes by. Which is good because I did not like this move at first.

I first hear this trade as being Carson Palmer for two first-round picks. "Two first-round picks!" I shoutted. "No one trades two first-round picks for anything!" This is a joke.

But then I as a gained some distance I began to gain some perspective. Also the details came out that it wasn't two firsts at all. It will only be two firsts if the Raiders make the conference championship game this year or next.

And I will gladly give up two first rounders for a trip to the conference championship game. I will also give up the first and second for Palmer now.

This trade completely changes the season. With Kyle Boller the hope was that he could run the offense good enough to slide the team into the playoffs. Now the thought is that Carson Palmer can take this offense to the next level and turn this team into a legit Super Bowl contender.

With the improvements we have seen on defense the last two weeks, this seems like a realistic hope. This is also a young team with two new pieces in Curry and Palmer that has a soft schedule and bye to come together before a tough stretch of late season games and the playoffs.

I am jacked. This is as high as my expectations have been for this team since Barrett Robbins was considered sane.

So what, if they barely have a draft pick next year. I'll worry about that later. It may bite me in the ass then, but the Raiders will also likely work something out that will lessen the blow of the lost picks. Does anyone wish we had a first rounder on the team this year instead of Richard Seymour. The Raiders will still find a way to infuse some talent next season. And even if they don't, at this moment, I could care less.

I'll trade that for the excitement I feel right now.

And that excitement I'm feeling, you better believe the team feels it too. This is just another added piece to the growing magic of this season that will motivate the team. And that will only push them to work that much harder, and prepare them even more to bully that extra inch away from the opposition.