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Raiders' Carson Palmer Trade: What Media Types Were Tweeting

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The Raiders trade for Carson Palmer had all kinds of people buzzing and tweeting. I decided to take a tour onto Twitter and collect various tweets from an assortment of folks. 

Albert Breer of the NFL Network starts us of with what many of us are thinking.


Jump over for plenty more....


Jason LaCanfora sums up a thought that was popular with a lot of football talking heads.


Chris Mortenson adds a detail I hadn't heard.


Too bad the Bengals weren't interested in Groves. I wonder what the deal was when Curry was involved. In the end, I am glad they kept him. If you're going to go for it all no sense stopping short and trading off a part of the puzzle.

You know Ochocinco couldn't resist chiming in.


Pro Football Talk's Greg Rosenthal manages to get a shot in at the Bengals. This made me smile because it wasn't that long ago when all the media types would have been directing the dysfunctional shots at the Raiders.


Vitto Tafur added his Raider expertise.


Bill Simmons' Tweet could be interpreted two ways. I'm pretty sure he meant it as a shot. But screw Simmons.


Deion unsurprisingly took the player's side.


And finally, this was a trade U Can't Touch.