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Oakland Raiders News: Time To Get On Board The Hue Train

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In 48 little hours, Hue Jackson, the man that I now call, just, plain, "Action", succeeded where his mentor had not. It is widely known that Carson Palmer was on Al Davis' short list of quarterbacks that could lead the offense that he dreamed of.

While Davis stockpiled the wide receivers and running backs that would be able to stretch the field and still dominate underneath he was not able to land the quarterback that fit this scheme. He tried with Kerry Collins, J-Russ and even Dante Culpepper, but, he always had his eye on the former USC Trojan, Carson Palmer.

I have read that the Raiders actually had the man who was working Carson out on the payroll. If you know how much Mr. Davis likes to keep track of players, then this may be the first sign that he was, in some ways, behind this move.

But, where he could not succeed in landing him, "Action" stepped in, called on his connections and got the deal done.

To a person, everyone close to the situation says that ONLY Hue Jackson could have got this deal done.

Some say that Carson is old, broken down and past his prime...At 31.

I recall the same mediots, pundits and prognosticators saying the same thing about Kurt Warner, whom Al Davis also coveted, then he went on to lead Arizona to a Super Bowl.

So, Raider Nation, it is time to get on board the Hue Train or get the Hell off for good. This is the way it is going to be around here. If a 7th and 4th-5th Rounder get you Aaron Curry instead of a couple of crapshoot draft picks and if dealing away a couple of first rounders gets the team an opportunity to fully implement Hue's game plan, then you should be happy, because this team is standing behind their motto, "Just Win Baby" and it is the furthest thing from "Suck for Luck". Imagine if you were a fan of a team that actually buys into that!?!


- Saint