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Carson Palmer Is Expected To Start Sunday!

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According to Adam Schefter, Carson Palmer is expected to start on Sunday:

For those of you with any doubts whatsoever that this is a good choice, you have to realize that Palmer is familiar with Hue Jackson's offense, Boller has only taken 2% of the first team's snaps all year, including mini camp, and if you are going to go with a short game plan, you may as well go with Palmer now. Let him get in sync sooner rather than later and start winning baby!

There it is Raider Nation, the Carson Palmer Era will begin on Sunday! If you don't have a ticket, you can still buy one on the buy one get one free deal. Get out there, be LOUD and Proud and let's go Carson, Let's go Raiders! Choo-Chooo!!!

Get on board the Hue train because we will not be stopping for anyone. Chooo Chooo!

Link to tickets