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Thank You Jason Campbell: An Open Letter

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Thank you, Jason Campbell, for coming to a team that was struggling to rid itself of an image of losing and bringing us back to respectability. You have represented yourself and this organization like a true Raider and I hope that you are able to make it back this year.

You have made some A-Mazing plays and some bone-headed ones, what was that fumble last week? ;) But, you are never one to bus drive your teammates and you have become a great leader for this team.

It is sad that your injury had to happen when it seemed that you were finally living up to all of the promise of your high draft choice and A-Mazing College career.

Even though Carson Palmer is here today, there are no guarantees in this great game and you are extremely necessary to this team.

I hope that you are back in uniform in 6-8 weeks and are able to contribute to a winning season. You deserve it, the Raiders deserve and we, the fans deserve it.

Here's to a speedy recovery,

- Saint