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Raiders Show Patriotism by Taking Stupid Pills Before Game

Police ask Tom Brady to stick 'em up after he violently stole the Raiders momentum.
Police ask Tom Brady to stick 'em up after he violently stole the Raiders momentum.

The Raiders made enough boneheaded plays in this game to last a season. Richard Seymour set the tone and then Jason Campbell peaked them out by mistaking a Patriot defender for the out of the endzone area.

They came out in a big game against a tough opponent and laid an egg. The seeds were planted in that egg early. They were held to a field goal on their opening drive and then the ensuing Patriots' drive Richard Seymour personal fouled the Pats to the endzone.

At that moment a quote from Jim Morrison got stuck in my head and stayed there. For this game, the Raiders "had the soul of a clown that forced them to blow it at the most inopportune moments." 

It is clear that this team is not where they need or want to be, but you know what? They aren't that far off either.

This kind of egg laying is something we have grown all too accustomed to in recent years. And it is in those memories where I find solace in this thorough defeat.

In recent years in these types of games, the Raiders have been flat-out dominated in all phases of the game. Think back to the Dolphins, Steelers, Texans and Titans games last season. The Raiders were straight run off the field.  

In those games the stupid mistakes didn't matter. In this game it was the difference between being in it 'til the end and out of it in the third quarter.

In the end, I am not all that discouraged by the loss. That was a bad matchup from the get go. And probably the worst matchup the NFL has to offer for this weak defense. This defense needs to focus on improving each week, the offense just needs to bounce back, and collectively this team needs to stop playing like a wild pack of morons.

If they can do those things, this team is going to be alright.