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Oakland Raiders: Carson Palmer Has His Arm Back and We Still Don't If He'll Start

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Carson Palmer was slinging it at Raiders practice today. There were several reports of his impressive arm strength,  including Steve Corkran's tweet saying, "Carson Palmer sideline throws arrive in a hurry, plenty of zip on his throws." This is a great sign for someone who has had elbow problems.

When healthy, Palmer has one of the strongest arms in the league. His rejuvenated arm should not only lead to making great throws on outs and zipping the ball into tight coverage, but it should also help him regain the pin point accuracy he once displayed on deep balls.

I can't wait to see him play. And to that end, there is still no word if he will start on Sunday. Vito Tafur quoted Hue as saying, "I laugh at the reports (that Palmer is starting). (Media's) made decision for me. I appreciate it." Jump over for more....

He, Kyle Boller and even Terrelle Pryor took first team reps at Thursday's practice. This baffles me. It seems like a weird time to get Pryor some extra reps. Paul Gutierrez felt there was a reason for his reps.


Uhhh...I've heard of a QB rotation, but that is with two guys. If the Raiders are going to go with a three headed QB attack, this is going to be one hell of a game plan. Pryor's packages would have to be wildcat/option types of plays.

The one thing I feel confident about saying is that the QB position will be of great interest this Sunday. After that, get ready for all Carson, all the time.