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Oakland Raiders Leaning Towards Not Starting Carson Palmer

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Carson Palmer may not make his debut until after the bye. However, take this news with a grain of salt. The report comes to us from ESPN's Adam Schefter. The same man who reported on Wednesday that Carson would start. So, this may actually mean they are going to start him.

At least one of Schefter's Raider sources appears to be handing him misinformation. This could be just another ploy to keep the opposition guessing.

There is one report that I put a lot more faith in. And that would be this tweet by Greg Rosenthal.

My guess is we won't know until game time who the starter is. I'd like to see Carson play, but I have no idea if he is ready or not. I am willing just to sit back and go for the ride on this one. Hue Jackson will make the right choice. And whomever the QB is, I want the defense to pave the way for an offense that could be run from the wildcat all game and still pull out a victory.