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Oakland Raiders Sell Out Chiefs Game

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The Raiders are now 4-for-4 on sell outs this season. An awesome trend for a team that sold out only one game last season. It is also a well deserved trend. There is as much buzz around this Raider team as any football.

Not only are they a very solid 4-2, but they are making aggressive moves to take huge steps forward this season. So, for everyone going to the game, make it hell for the visiting Chiefs. Let's continue to show the love the Raiders have been getting all season.

The Raiders' defense is going to have to be at their best this game, and I always thinks this is where the crowd makes the biggest difference. Not only does it help turn the defensive players into bully seeking missiles, but it can rattle the offense.

Make it loud when the Chiefs have the ball. Especially on the line of scrimmage!