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Oakland Raiders Will Start Boller; Right Decision Because Hue Made It

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Kyle Boller starting for the Oakland Raiders on Sunday is the right call because Hue Jackson says so. Well, he hasn't said so, but Steve Wyche is reporting hearing it from several sources and players. Wyche has been a friend to the Raiders, and I would tend to trust his word over most reporters.

I can speculate all day long on who I think the Raiders' QB should be this Sunday, but in the end I am completely will to concede to Hue's judgement. There is no way for anyone, but the people on this team to know how far along Palmer is into his progression. And it is certainly understandable after three days that he would not have a firm enough grip of the playbook or chemistry with his receivers to start yet.

It would seem that this move was made because Boller allows for Jackson to utilize more of the playbook. That said, I expect Hue Jackson to get a little creative in situations to help spark this offense.

Boller certainly has his limitations. Most notably the fact that some throws are wildly inaccurate. I do, however, have complete confidence that Hue can put Boller, and his team, in a position to succeed in this one.