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Chiefs vs. Raiders: Thoughts on Terrelle Pryor and Early Game Open Thread

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Yes! Another Raider football Sunday. Today finds us with all kinds of speculation surrounding the QB position. It looks like Kyle Boller will start, but that certainly doesn't mean he will be the only QB that will play.

Terrelle Pryor received increased practice time this week. Hue either did this for a decoy to make the Chiefs prepare for something else, or he really plans on using him. It would be the perfect time to use him.

There is a good chance the offense will need a spark at some point this week. The Chiefs have a tough run defense and Boller tends to be a little erratic. Enter, Pryor and some packages the Chiefs have never seen. The possibilities are really endless with Pryor in the backfield. The QB, RB or WR could all end up running the ball, and they could all end up throwing anyone.

Hue is not afraid to be bold. So buckle up, this could be a crazy game.