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Raiders vs. Chiefs: Confidence, ADD and How They Killed the Raiders

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Kyle Boller was trying to throw this cup in the garbage.
Kyle Boller was trying to throw this cup in the garbage.

Hue Jackson and his team had a million things going on, and where they had been able to push those things away to hone on a singular focus the last couple of weeks, this week they tried to focus on them all. The results were similar to a disheveled sock drawer left behind by a tweaked out speed freak's ambitious alphabetizing project.

I had meant to comment on this game earlier, but every time I started writing it quickly spun out of control—to the point where I offended myself when I reread it. It was just such an ugly and pathetic effort.

The Chiefs came into the and waltzed their way to an easy victory. It still makes me want to take a ballpine hammer, some TNT, duck tape, 2 barbie dolls, Axl Rose and a beat up Kia and....wait, focus Rich.

It's not that the Raiders lost. With the QB situation, the injuries and an improved Chiefs team that was a tough test, but it is the way they lost. Jump over for the grim details....

No one seemed certain of their job. It was a sloppy and unfocused effort. The blame for that starts with Hue. The Raiders spent the week trying to figure out who was going to be their QB, and as a result they split reps and none of them were ready.

Kyle Boller was garbage. He made absolutely horrible decisions that if he wasn't such a poor QB would be hard to fathom. Still this was not a game plan that was going to utilize his strengths while minimizing his weaknesses.

For instance, Boller never needs to thow another out on an NFL field. Nothing good comes of it. This common route should not even be in the playbook when he is in the game.

I could go on, but this happened on all levels. Guys simply weren't prepared to succeed. In a game where many needed things simple so they could focus on just a few things, things were complicated and they couldn't focus on any.

The Raiders were spread to thin, and I believer their recent success made them think they could handle it. They couldn't. They tried to do to much and lost their identity in the process.

They now have the bye week to devote themselves to getting back to what works.