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Oakland Raiders Game Ball of the Week: Anyone Want It?

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No one deserves this game ball. There is nothing to reward anyone for in a 28 to nothing defeat. There were a couple of decent performance, but they were meaningless because the game was largely meaningless.

You can't give a lick of confidence from the defensive performance because the Chiefs only needed their offense not to screw up.

The only players worth mentioning are DHB and Michael Bush. DHB had five catches for 89 yards and Michael Bush had 17 carries for 99 yards.

DHB is no on pace for 1085 yards. He only had 490 yards coming for his career coming into this season.

The Raiders' offensive line only gave up one sack, but they had penalties, and gave up quiet a few pressure. Not to mention that they Chiefs were actually better off letting the Raiders throw the ball.

DVD managed to break up a couple of passes. That was a good sign. ...And that is all I got.