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Oakland Raiders' Marcel Reece is Back and He'll Bring the Offense with Him

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The Raiders offense has been in a steady decline since Marcel Reece was lost to injury in Week 3. They struggled to find the endzone against New England, barely gained a first down in the first half against Houston, and they were a disaster last game.

The absence of Marcel Reece can't be understated. Reece has turned into a decent blocker, but his best blocking and havoc wreaking come from his versatility. Teams have to account for Reece in their game plan. He is a constant threat to catch the ball out of the backfield, and teams have to rotate their defense and spread out when he lines up wide.

He adds another dimension to the offense that frees others up to produce as much as he produces himself. His presence is especially valuable in the red zone and short yardage situations. He prevents teams from loading up against the run.

And he is back on the practice field. Obviously raising the QB play is the first priority of business, and having Marcel Reece back is a great way to do that.