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Fantasy Football Week 8: Knowshon Moreno is AFC West Sleeper of the Week

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The Raiders are on bye, but fantasy football chugs along. So, since I can't talk about sleepers for the Raiders game I decided to pick my sleeper pick for the conference. And if you read the headline you know it is Knowshon Moreno of the Broncos.

I am not a Moreno fan at all. However, he could have a solid week this week despite himself. With Willis McGahee nursing a broken hand Moreno will be the primary ball carrier for the Broncos as they take on the Lions.

This is going to result in all the touches Moreno can handle. The Broncos aren't going to open up the playbook and have Tim Tebow throw 40 times. They are going to keep things on the ground.

This is the best way to attack the Lions anyway. The Lions are 28th in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game. Opponents are getting 5.0 yards per carry against the Lions.

This bodes well for Moreno. He has been injured and slow to get started this season, and he has lost his starting job to McGahee, but he looked strong last week in his seven carries for 28 yards.

I expect him to go over 100 yards in this game, and if Tim Tebow decides to complete a pass before the three minute mark in the fourth, he might even get a touchdown or two.