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A Little House Cleaning: New Roles And Nominees

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Silver and Black Pride,

WHAT'S UP? Our team has only played four games and I feel like I've already lived through a season!

We've done so many things as a site this season that my head spins when I think of it:


  • Rich and I went to Napa and got to cover the team from the inside for four days
  • Brhynno has been on Buzz twice already
  • We've done ESPN, Fox and Local radio spots
  • We've had four tailgates and have drank a ton of beer,and grilled a hundred pounds of meat
  • I am sure that by year's end we will go over 2,000 posts and 200,000 comments (That's a lot of Raider football)
  • Travis Goethel has joined the site and live Blogged with us
So much has gone on and will be happening that I think it is a good time to touch base with everyone here and share with you some new processes that I have come up with. Nothing is changing, at least nothing for the worse, in fact, hopefully these will all be productive.

I have taken the liberty of creating four new categories:

Editors - This is Rich and I

Moderators - These people have the ability to delete posts, ban and keep the standards of the site up

Editorial Staff - This is the core group of writers who write regularly

Contributors - Regular Contributors who are not members of the Editorial Staff

All of these are already built into the masthead.

So, if you are currently on the masthead and feel like you want to come down, let me know, also if you feel like you want to get more involved and join one of the two newly defined roles, let me know. My E-mail is

Finally, being that this is an open forum, please post your intent or nominee in this post.

Let's keep on rocking it NATION!