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Raiders Chat with Trevor Pryce a Bad Sign for Matt Shaughnessy

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Pryce is right for the Raiders?
Pryce is right for the Raiders?

Adam Schefter tells us that the Raiders are trying to coax Trevor Pryce out of retirement. I don't like this at all. That has nothing to do with Pryce. He was a fabulous player and would probably still have solid value in a limited role. This has to do with what it means for Matt Shaughnessy.

It seems unlikely to me that the Raiders would bring in Trevor Pryce right now if there was not a long term injury concern with Shaughnessy. Yes, the Raiders have been horrid on defense, but the defensive line is not the place to start looking for new additions to solve that problem.

Obviously, that is all speculation on my part. This is not. Pryce was a beast in his career. He is currently 36 and has not played this season. Pryce was last listed at 6'5" and 290 pounds. Pryce and Hue Jackson spent time together in Baltimore. That fact, and Pryce's solid reputation tell me this guy would be a solid addition to the locker room.

If he does join this team, and Shuaghnessy is out for a while, Pryce would likely be used as a run down defensive end. Jarvis Moss and Trevor Scott are capable D-ends, but they are not the stoutest players against the run. Pryce could also get some snaps as a defensive tackle.

Check out a couple of Pryce vids after the Jump....

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