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Raiders vs. Texans: D-Line Has to Bring Their A-Game

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As it is with any game, if the Raiders defense is going to have any success the defensive line is going to have to lead the charge. They will have their work cut out for them this week as the Texans o-line is the best blocking unit they have faced.

The Raiders' D-line has been very solid, but they have yet to take over a games like they did last season. This starts with getting pressure on the QB. They will have to do that this week, and if they are going to beat the Texans O-line this is where they will be able to do it.

The Texans are 15th in sacks allowed percentage. The Raiders are 14th in sack percentage. They need to raise that percentage.

On the ground, the Raiders have their work cut out for them.

The Raiders are 15th in power percentage and 16th in stuffed percentage. Both numbers are lower than last season. The Texans are fifth in power rank and second in stuffed. They are 32nd in second level and open field yards.

The Texans have their most success running between the tackles and guards. They are sixth to the left side and second to the right. Conveniently, this is where the Raiders have had their most success stopping the run. They are second to the left side and fourth to the right.

Where the Raiders have has the most failure is the the outside of the offenses right. They are last by a large margin here.

Lamarr Houston has to step up his play and seal off that edge, and the OLBs need to not be horrible. Once again, the Texans help out the Raiders here. This is where they have had the least success. They are 26th.