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Week 5 Fantasy Football Sleepers: Surprise Players from Raiders vs. Texans Worth Starting

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Bye week football has begun. That means plenty of people are scrambling to for fantasy football starters, which is probably why Vicks started a sponsored post series on sleepers. There are definitely a few sleepers in this contest.

Let's just start with the enemies. After the jump....

Texans' Sleepers

A receiver on the Texans is going to produce. Andre Johnson is out and that means looks for receivers that haven't gotten many. Jacoby Jones and Kevin Walter will be the starters. And they are likely going to split time being guarded by DVD.

We have seen enough of the preseason to know that DVD is not yet a shutdown corner. It is impossible to tell which receiver will benefit the most.

My gut tells me Kevin Walter will get more action. But one or both of these guys will be a solid play this weekend.


Raiders' Sleepers

you have to look to their receivers too. The Texans have been rock solid defending TEs—they are seventh in the NFL—so Boss's most value may come as a blocker in this one.

That leaves us with a healthy stable of receivers. DHB is coming off of his best game as a pro, and he will have a good chance to reach similar numbers this week.

The Raiders and their opposition have treated DHB like their No. 1 receiver. The Texans suck at guarding No. 1s. They are 32nd in the league. They are second in guarding No. 2s. I can't believe I am saying this, but DHB is a solid play this week.

I think Jacoby Ford has a chance to produce as well. You know Hue Jackson is just itching to get this guy fully incorporated into the offense. However, I wouldn't recommend starting Ford this week or Denarius Moore until we get a good feel on how Hue plans on using all of these guys.