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What Raiders Need to do to Beat Texans

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To hell with the Texans passing game. This is the attitude the Raiders need to take in this game. They need to sell out to stop the run.

Stopping the run needs to be the Raiders first, second and third priorities. This will undoubtedly lead to some big plays for the Texans in the passing game, but so what? This game does not figure to be a 14-10 defensive struggle. This is going to be a high scoring game.

The Raiders need to load the blocks, maintain gap control and focus on Arian Houston.

The Raiders need to focus on stuffing as many runs as possible. They cannot allow the Texans to dictate this game to them by getting big rushing gains on first down. They need to force as many third as longs as possible and only then can they play the pass.

I want to see a few five man defensive line formations, and a bunch of plays with a safety in the box. I do not want to see Arian Foster running wild. A few stops could go a long way in this game.