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Al Davis vindicates his chosen ones against naysayers and critics

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Darius Heyward-Bey, Tommy Kelly and Michael Huff turned in stellar performances today - and what better time to do it? These Al Davis hand picked-players who he supported against critics with stoic calm, played amazing football today and demonstrated again that when it comes to talent, Al Davis (and Ron Wolf) has no equal (QBs notwithstanding).

This game also demonstrated that we do have a DC who can make needed adjustments in a timely and appropriate manner. Bresnahan did well too - another Al Davis choice. And Hue Jackson? Off the scale brilliance in playcalling gutsy innovations, e.g. the fake punt that sent our STs Captain and "Rock" on a play that took everyone by utter surprise.

Thank you, Raiders! You took control of your emotions and played like true Raiders - physical and intelligent ... a deadly and winning combination. It's in the books: Raiders 25, Texans 20.

Our Team Leader, Richard Seymour distinguished himself yet again in what can only be characterized as an All Pro performance and our Kicker, Sebastian Janikoswski is the coolest dude in California with a Cannon for a leg and ice in his veins.

Al has got to be loving this from his celestial view.