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Raiders Beat Texans and Deliver a Win That Will Never Be Forgotten

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"The others team quarterback must go down and he must go down hard." Al Davis' iconic saying kept ringing in my head as hit after hit was levied up Matt Schaub in the fourth quarter, and his passes became increasingly erratic. At one point he missed six straight passes. He rebounded a bit—as a tribute to his toughness—at the end, but the damage was done. 

There is no doubt that the barrage of pain dished to Schaub had something to do with his fateful last pass. And what a glorious moment that was. Michael Huff made a play on the ball and grasped a victory for himself, his team, Mark and Carol Davis, Raider Nation and most importantly for Al Davis. 

What a win! It was summed up in tears that washed over Hue Jackson in an explosion of emotion as his team pulled out a victory in the last moment.

The beauty of this win has grown as the day has gone on. It is a victory like no other.

If you haven't read sons' post, go read it. It is brilliant. It highlights the depth of the statement that this victory was to Al Davis' legacy.

There will be plenty more from this game. Right now I am just basking in the beautiful and unspeakable emotion of it all.

This win points to great things for the season, but even if those things never materialize this win gave me a feeling that I have never received from sports. No one can ever take that away from us or this team. They earned it, and Al Davis deserved it.