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RaiderDamus Sees The Future Week 10: Raiders vs. Chargers

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Ahoy, Raider fans! RaiderDamus is back again to reveal what I have seen in the mists of the Great Beyond. Read ahead for a revelation of the future.

This week RaiderDamus has had to do some severe soul-searching and truth-seeking. The Raiders are on a cold streak and so am I with two straight embarrassing defeats. The Raiders face a tough test tonight at San Diego. Here is what I have seen regarding its outcome.

The Raiders will still be without Darren McFadden and without him, their running game is simply not the same. Michael Bush is alright, but he isn't enough to take over a game completely like McFadden can. The Raiders will have middling success with their rushing game. Their passing game will be much better. I see Jacoby Ford being a prime target for Carson Palmer and having great success. As the defense will be unable to stop the Chargers, Ford's contributions will be crucial.

Philip Rivers will still be his usual idiot self, but will still torch the Raiders with deep throws to Vincent Jackson and mid-out patterns to Antonio Gates. Their running game will be a factor inasmuch as it will keep the Raiders from keeping their safeties as deep as they would like.

Bottom line, both defenses suck and won't be able to stop anything. This game will be high scoring. The Raiders will have the occasional dominating moment, the occasional glimmer of superiority, but that will be called back by a penalty.

Chargers win, 35-27.