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Raiders at Chargers Open Thread

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Well, as it turns out the Raiders will only have three corners active for this game, and Michael Huff—who also plays corner—is out. Wow! The good news about this is that the first time the Raiders and Chiefs played last year the Raiders corners didn't stop Rivers from doing anything, and the Raiders still won.

This is going to take a team defensive effort. It also means that Carson Palmer needs to put his welcome back to the NFL INTs behind him. And above everything else it is time to pound the Bush.

Wear them down and run all over them—the Raiders need to assert their dominance on the ground. They need to dictate the flow of this game and sustain drives.

The more they can do this, the better their chances of keeping Rivers from finding any rhythm. If they can do this, and get out to an early lead, they can pin their ears back and attack Rivers. This should force Rivers into more bad decisions and more picks. Go Raiders!