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Raiders vs. Chargers: Oakland Abuses San Diego with a Bullytastic 1st Half Performance

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The Raiders make no sense. For the past season and a half (and longer, but especially then) the games where they seemed to be their most doomed end up being their most dominant.

There is a lot of time left in this one. And the Raiders have certainly come out of the halftime locker room and laid some huge eggs, but this is the best half of football they have played all season.

The defensive line is manhandling the Chargers O-line. It has crippled the Chargers offense. Rivers has no time to throw, and the backs have found no lanes to run. This has led to three and out after three and out.

And when the Raiders get the ball they are running it down their throat. The Raiders have 124 rushing yards on five yards per carry.

They have used this to draw the defense up and then hit for big pass plays. Carson Palmer has looked great.

He is commanding the offense and stroking the ball to ope receivers. He is also making good decisions. He is a sterling 8/10 with 169 yards.

The Raiders have outgained the Chargers in yards 293 to 65.

As long as the defense remembers the game is two halves and they keep pounding the Bush they will not be denied.