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Oakland Raiders' Jacoby Ford's Injury Plauged Season Limps On

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jacoby hurt

Jacoby Ford's body is not doing him any favors this season. This time is especially troubling as Ford was really hitting his stride and displaying dynamic chemistry with Carson Palmer. I don't think we should expect him back anytime soon either. He was seen on crutches following his injury tonight.


The fact that Jacoby was on crutches leads me to believe it is probably a mid-foot sprain. As you'll see, keeping weight off the foot is part of the deal for that kind of injury.

Here is what has to say about recovery from a mid-foot sprain:

A mild, grade 1, midfoot sprain can be managed non-operatively with a short period of immobilization in a hard-soled shoe or a removable boot. A short period of limited weight-bearing may be necessary to allow the ligament to heal and therefore the swelling and pain to subside. Regular icing, elevation and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) are both important to treat the swelling along with the pain. In most of these cases, the athlete will be able to return to participating in their sport in anywhere from a week to a few months.

A mid-foot sprain is what McFadden has. McFadden just missed his second game and there is guarantee he'll be back next week. Here is Hue Jackson, as quoted on Yahoo Sports, about this stupid injury: 

"That mid-foot sprain is really something. You have to get back to walking first before you can do anything, so my main thing is to get him out of that walking boot first. That would be huge progress, and I think he’s closer to having that happen."

The Raiders have capable receivers to step in opposite of Moore in Chaz Schilens and the suddenly non-used DHB, but Jacoby has shown he is ready to take it to the next level.