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Oakland Raiders Destroy Wimpy Chargers' D and Big Stats Ensue

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There are some pretty amazing stats emerging under the Raiders new offense with Carson Palmer. There are also just some nice stats that emerged from destroying a soft Chargers' defense.


Jump over for fun with fun stats....


Kicking the Chargers ass has suddenly just become business as usual around here. In that regard, Carson Palmer fits right in.


Palmer was 14/20 last night for 299 yards. That is a whopping 21.4 yards per completion, and...


Those gaudy numbers are not at all surprising given the fact that 1/4th of his attempts were completions that went for more than 25 yards. 



These numbers helped raise Palmer's numbers in his two starts well beyond elite territory. 


Denarius Moore has a flare for the dramatic. This isn't just with his highlight reel catches either. Almost every catch he has made this season has made a big impact.

Moore_1st_medium Moore_ypc_medium

Michael Bush told Hue Jackson at halftime last night to "Feed the Stud." Hue did, and it paid off. In a huge way. 


The Raiders tweeted out a couple of pretty cool special teams facts for us.