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Oakland Raiders' Jacoby Ford's Injury Not as Bad as Feared

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What's that you say? Good injury news? Yes. That is exactly what my eyes have just read. Maybe I am hallucinating. Tell me. Can you see this:


Meanwhile, Jerry McDonald added this:

Wide receiver Jacoby Ford said Friday he didn’t think his sprained ankle was serious and that it was a different kind of sprain than the one that’s kept Darren McFadden on the bench.

McDonald says "ankle sprain" and I have seen both that and foot sprain. The fact that there is any comparison at all to McFadden leads me to believe that it is a foot sprain. Otherwise what would be the point of even mentioning it.

"Um...yeah, I think my ankle sprain is different than Jason Campbell's broken collarbone."

Anyway, I will take the good news. It is preferable to the bad news. I also won't expect anything until he is back on the practice field. The good news is that he, and all other Raiders have three extra days to heal for next week's game against Minnesota. Who, by the way, has one less day as they play on Monday night.