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AFC West Loses Another QB

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It is time for the Kansas City Chiefs to call it a season.  Why? You ask. This, I say:


That is not a statement a winning team makes. The Chiefs were forced into this ugly fate when Matt Cassel suffered a hand injury in the Chiefs' loss to the Broncos. The injury is significant/


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Cassel may now join Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki and the Chiefs IR. That is a lot for any team to handle. Compounding the Chiefs problems is the fact that this is their remaining schedule:


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The Chiefs now face the very real possibility that they may not win another game. This schedule was going to be daunting with Cassel. It is now nearly impossible.

While it is satisfying to cross the dreaded Chiefs off the list of contenders for the AFC West crown, that satisfaction is a little hollow considering their horrible luck with injuries.