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Carson Palmer Has One Less Thing to Worry About This Weekend

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Carson Palmer isn't going to have to worry about Antoine Winfield stopping any of his passes on Sunday. The Vikings' corner is done for the season.


And with that a horrible Vikings secondary just got a little more horrible. The good news for the Vikings is that they are used to playing without Winfield.  Monday night's game was the first time Winfield had been on the field since Week 4 on October 2nd.

The Vikings have actually fared much better in games Winfield has not played in. They are 2-2 without him and 0-5 with him—not that I think that is Winfield's fault.

This injury ensures that out of the four corners starting in this game only one will be a legitimate NFL starter. Both teams will also have corners on their roster, and probably on the field at some point, that were on their couch this weekend. 

The point is that there is going to be some bad corners on the field in this one. At least the Raiders will have Stanford Routt. The Vikings No. 1 corner is now Chris Cook. This is not good for the Vikings.