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Oakland Raiders Won't Miss Chimdi Chekwa

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The Raiders aren't going to miss Chekwa because he hasn't been around long enough to create a presence worth missing. So the news that his disastrous rookie season has met its end is only a hit to potential but not to a realized reality.

In case you missed it, here is the news:


Chekwa is suffering from a hamstring injury.

Chimdi's only real impact game in the Jets game this year. And he showed definite promise in that one. But other than that, injuries have left him a bystander. He suffered a shoulder injury in training camp, and while he was active for the first four games, he wasn't ready to play in the first three.

Chimdi got decent run in the Patriots game before being reinjured. And hasn't played since. Now it is time for Chekwa to start focusing on next season.

He definitely showed enough that I am confident if he can ever stay healthy he would be a valuable part of this team. I am not very confident he can stay healthy though.

Here's to hoping he does. He seems like an excellent, hard-working young man, and I am sure this is infinitely frustrating for him.

Info on Bryan McCann to follow....