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Oakland Raiders: A Look at New CB Bryan McCann

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Bryan McCann is as good as the Raiders could hope for when adding a corner at this point. And hopefully he won't even have to play much. He will be the fourth corner behind Routt, Sheppard and DVD, and he'll be the fifth if Chris Johnson can ever make it back from his horrendous hamstring injury.

McCann was a UDFA out of Southern Methodist. This is his second season in the NFL. He has spent time with the Ravens and Cowboys. He is an explosive player with potential. He is 5'10" and 186 pounds.

He will fit right in with the Raiders vision of their corners. He ran a 4.28 40 at his pro day, and had a 40.5 vert. Those are some impressive numbers, but, he is also available for a reason. And that reason is he is not very good at this point in his career.

Along with his ability at corner, he also has potential as a return man. It would be great if McCann could take over punt return duties from Denarius Moore to free Moore from the abuse, and allow him to focus on playing WR. He also could fill the void left by Jacoby Ford on kick returns.

While McCann has good return numbers, he also fumbled six times in nine games for the Cowboys. He lost two of those fumbles.

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Bryan McCann 101 Yard INT Return (via DCBStar)



Bryan McCann Dallas Cowboys (via bdown7777)

2010 Week 11 Cowboys Lions Brian McCann KO Return TD (via CowboysMedia1)