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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

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This is a little late, seeing as how the game is in the second quarter, but I thought I'd throw it up anyway. The Jets and Broncos are tied 3-3 right now. Go Jets! I'll root against the AFC West every chance I can get.

And while most are counting the Broncos out of the AFC West yet, as almost everyone thinks this Broncos offense cannot continue to find success, I am not going to count them out yet.

Not because of the offense. It is terrible. There is no way this offense will succeed as long as Tebow can't throw the ball—and right on cue, Tebow blew an easy throw on third down.

I am not going to write of the Broncos because of their defense. The Broncos D is getting better every week. This is a legit group. I have to hand it to John Fox. I thought this D would be a disaster when they failed to add any big time DT talent. I was wrong. This is a solid unit on all levels.