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Oakland Raiders Axe Derek Hagan and IR Chris Johnson

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Derek Hagan is no longer a Raider. He has been replaced by TJ Houshmandzadeh. Chris Johnson was also put on the IR for what must be the worst hamstring pull in the history of humanity.

These moves have not become official but come to us via:


The move makes sense in that, in theory, TJ and Hagan have the most similar skill set of the wide receivers. Hagan did a solid job in his limited opportunities, but his role was shrinking to non-existent.

I am not a TJ Houshmandzadeh fan. I don't like his attitude. He has suspect hands. Cant beat a corner, and he hasn't played all year. From what I have seen of TJ I suspect he will be bitching and moaning about his role in four weeks.

However, Hue knows him, and Carson wanted him. So I am willing to give him an opportunity to prove me wrong. He is by far the most accomplished receiver on the Raiders roster, and hopefully his chemistry with Palmer pays off quickly.

This is also a low risk move as the Raiders can cut him at any time, and probably resign Hagan.