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Oakland Raiders New Look Offense is a Potential Beast

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The Raiders offense is going to be completely unrecognizable this Sunday. It is both thrilling and frightening at the same time.

This has the potential to be an absolute disaster. Carson Palmer will be starting after being back in football for two and half weeks. The team's offensive MVP Darren McFadden is almost certainly out. TJ Houshmanzedah replaced Derek Hagan. Marcel Reece is back for the first time since Week 2, and Jim Otto will be playing center (I might have made this up).

That is a lot of change. There will undoubtedly be a problem with fluidity. However, there is also a chance to see dimensions out of this offense we haven't seen.

This offense is poised to strike at all levels in the passing game better than at any time except for the few games where Jerry Porter showed up in 2002.

Marcel Reece, Michael Bush and WR screens keep the flats dangerous. Houshmanzedah has the potential to be a slot intermediate receiver that the Raiders haven't had, or have been reluctant to use.

If TJ can make a few catches in the short middle slot, it is going to help open things up for Kevin Boss in the deep middle seam routes. This is Boss' specialty.

Then of course we have the speed demon receivers that keep the deep threat alive on every single play. And DHB turning into a force on intermediate slant routes as well. And let us not forget about the absolute havoc it bring to a defense when Reece splits out wide. This offense can be an absolute matchup nightmare.

The possibilities are really endless. It all just has to start clicking. When and if that happens is anyone's guess.