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Monday Night Football Open Thread

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The Chiefs are looking better right now with Tyler Palko at QB than they had the last few weeks with Matt Cassel. Now that's not saying much, but it's certainly saying something. And it might just be saying that the Patriots defense looks like a disaster.

The Pats secondary is as thin as any I've ever seen. If I saw this right our boy Sterling Moore is starting at free safety for them. Moore wasn't good enough to get drafted out of college. He wasn't good enough to be picked up when he was initially cut by the Raiders, and then he wasn't good enough to stay on the Raiders' practice squad.

Things are so bad for the Patriots that rookie receiver Julian Edleman in their nickel corner. Edleman isn't good enough to get on the field at his real position, but he is playing at corner. That is just hard to believe.

Anyway, I'm not sure who I am rooting for. I despise both these teams. I may actually be rooting for the Chiefs. It is really hard to believe that this team could make a run at the AFC West title. And if the Patriots lose they will be tied with the Raiders, and that could end up being big come playoff time. Anyway, comment away if you're around and watching football.