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Oakland Raiders' Top 5 Defensive Plays from Week 11

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This was a great week for this sponsored post to start. The Raiders' defense was making plays all day. There were at least 10 solid candidates for the award, but we are only picking five. Here are the five.


13:12 2nd Quarter - 3rd and 5 on Raiders' 21

Ponder to Percy Harvin. INT Matt Giordano returned for 42 yards



Giordano is really proving to have a knack for making plays. This INT and ensuing return was huge. It ensured all momentum in the second quarter belonged to the Raiders. Giordano was waiting in deep coverage on the play, and it was a poor decision by Ponder. Matt made him pay.


1:20 2nd Quarter - Kickoff

Meyers forces Booker to fumble - Recovered by DVD





I know. This is a special teams play. But I am putting it on the list because it was bad ass and it deserves to be mentioned. Meyers comes off of a block and lays a picture perfect hit on Booker. The Raiders than began a scrum for the ball amongst himself. DVD came up with it, but as we can see here The Rock had it first.


4:26 3rd Quarter - 1st and 10 on Raiders' 20

Ponder to Jenkins - INT Tommy Kelly - returned for 1 yard




via Bruce Kluckhohn/US Presswire

Ponder with a another horrible decision here. He tried to throw across his body with Sheppard just sitting there hoping he would throw his way. Sheppard again displays that he possible has the worst hands of any human being ever, and deflects softly to Tommy Kelly's monstrous mits.

The most impressive thing was that Kelly was there to make the pick. Remember when we all used to have a coronary over Kelly's obese laziness? Those days are long gone. Kelly went above and beyond following this play, and it paid off in a huge way.


8:10 4th Quarter - 3rd and Goal on Raiders' 5

Ponder to Aromashodu, INT Routt, touchback 



Again another horrible decision by Ponder. He thought he could muscle a ball into an area with two Vikings and three Raiders. Routt was sitting and waiting. Ponder winged it in, and Routt showed fine hands pulling it away from his body, and then did a solid job getting his feet in. 


1:52 4th Quarter - 4th and 8 on Vikings' 46

Ponder incomplete to Harvin - Broken up by Branch


You can't blame Ponder for this decision. He had Percy Harvin isolated on strong safety. Tyvon Branch just made a hell of a play and essentially ended the game. Branch was outstanding this game, and he is having a solid season.